Jeremy J. Evans


Artist Statement.

The repurposing of common materials is not only creative and resourceful but an excellent example of recycling. My artistic usage of found and traditional materials has generated an engaging and beautiful body of work that transcends typical expectations of 2-D and 3-D artwork.  

I imbue complicated personal and societal issues into my designs by way of visual metaphor, and I apply tremendous patience and fine craftsmanship to every form. The products of my hard work and vision are of extraordinary visual beauty and radiate universally profound content.  

I contribute my concept of survival and healing through artistic expression to the art world and beyond.


Jeremy J. Evans is a father, a curious thinker, and a Pacific Northwest native based in Central Oregon. Practicing multimedia artist and Arts, Media, and Technology candidate at Oregon State University.
Examples of his work were exhibited in 2020-22 at Oregon State University-Cascades Campus and COCC in Bend, OR, and in 2022 at Junction Roastery and Social Club in Redmond, OR. 

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